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Work from Home Jobs

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Although you can really particularly do work from home jobs just about anywhere, there can be so many advantages when clients or customers on your work can dramatically increase based on the geographical location that you are in. This has been what I have read from some reports and this is what I personally believe it is because I have a personal experience on it myself.

Take for example the work from home job on blog reviews or pay per blog review schemes. I have encountered a certain scheme where the campaigns that come in were what is called as geo-targeted wherein when you come from Asian regions, this work from home job won’t usually work best to your advantage. The reason is because some businesses who would want reviews from either the United States or the U.K would prefer to get reviews from blog owners who are in the same said region.

The reason for this is because of the simple reason that they have their businesses launched tactically to be available in their own location. This makes them want for a blog review coming from the same geo location where their business is located to maximize the effects of the said work from home scheme.


16 Responses to “Work from Home Jobs”

  • fares says:

    hi there im intrested in working from home as free lances i like the idea but please can u inform me with more info about that kind of me the info.bbye

  • SHAZIA says:

    I am looking for a home based job in UAE. I have a solid background in IT and strong computing skills. I am fluent in English and Arabic.

  • kpr says:


    I am on the look out for home based freelance works so please could you give me more details on the available jobs.

  • Sairah Roshan says:

    hi i would like to work from home for a company in dubai i live in UK. i have two years experience of working in a major catalogue company in Engalnd. Shop Direct the UK’s biggest shop at home group. i have excellent comuter skills i havr the ability of meeting deadlines wven on the last minute. please can you offer me work for a uae company i am willing to undertake any typr of work.

  • Nawal says:

    I am looking for home based work, I live in dubai. can you please provide me with more info on this topic

  • Nawal says:

    I am interested in home-based work, can you please provide me with more info on the avaliable job openings.

  • Giselle says:

    I am interested in work from home. I live in Sharjah. Kindly forward me more details. I have done Diploma in Business Management.

  • Samia says:

    I am experienced in customer service / banking / administration / data entry, i am married an have a son a month old. I would like to work from home as i am on leave for another year

  • Berna says:

    I am looking for home based work, I live in Turkey. I m an English teacher and translator.can you please provide me with more info on this topic.

  • Video Conferencing Setup says:

    I read the news about video conferencing been installed in hotels. This is very useful for Diplomats and VIPs to keep them up to date with their routine work back at home.

  • Dhanya says:

    I’m looking for a home based job.I’m dwelling in Abudhabi.I’m an P.G. holder on Computer Science.Will you provide me the further details?

  • kothai says:


    I have experienced in data entry operator. I am in sharjah, i want to work from home.

  • tainee says:

    im secretary, i’ve been looking for a partime jobs, a home based jobs. could you send me the details. thank you very much

  • Diala says:

    did anybody tried data entry work from home, if any, please provide me with a confidence website.

  • Prabha says:

    Hi! I am a housewife residing in sharjah and I am looking for home based job using internet. Can you please give me some details of any genuine work from home job opportunities, thanks

  • Archana says:

    Hi i am a housewife live in dubai i am looking for a home based typing job genuine and legitmate since i have a kid cant go for a work if you have any genuine online jon do let me know .my

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